Medical Alarm Equipment

Our Freedom Medical Alarms consultants will choose equipment that is best suited to you during the installation process. The following are some examples of different medical alarm equipment supplied by Freedom Medical Alarms:

034 Freedom Medical Alarms 16 05 15HR   045 Freedom Medical Alarms 16 05 15HR



 002 Freedom Medical Alarms 16 05 15HR



Depending on your situation, several different pendant options are available:

Pearl Pendant  Pearl Watch3 

Neck Pendant

Wrist Pendant

 Pearl Brooch wallmount 

Brooch Pendant

Wall or Wheelchair Mounted Pendant

 Pearl Easy Press Feb 13 universal transmitterlow res 

Easy Press Pendant - for those with severe arthritis or dexterity issues

Universal Pendant - used to connect to a wide array of 3rd party devices such as blow or pressure switches


Some additional, optional equipment is also available:



Key Safe

A key safe is a robust, fully lockable mini-safe that holds several keys. The key safe is opened by pressing the key pad on the face, using a four-number code.

Universal Disconnect Device

Universal disconnect devices are used in homes that have several telephone jack points. In an emergency the devices override phones that may have been left off the hook, enabling medical alarm signals to be sent to Freedom Medical Alarms.