Healthcare Provider Information

Information for Healthcare Providers

Freedom Medical Alarms is a one of four Work and Income New Zealand accredited suppliers of medical alarms and is governed by strict code of practice in relation to the supply of medical alarms in New Zealand. Clients that use a Freedom Medical Alarm have the security of knowing that they have 24/7 contact directly with the Central Emergency Communications Centre which provides emergency triaging and ambulance response.

Freedom Medical Alarms are monitored directly from the Central Emergency Communications Centre (Central Comm) in Wellington by emergency ambulance personnel. If required, ambulances are dispatched by Central Comm personnel from one of three communications centres in Auckland, Wellington, or Christchurch. These communications centres were established through a joint venture between Wellington Free Ambulance and The Order of St John’s ambulance service.

Freedom Medical Alarms are also partly owned by HealthcareNZ Limited which delivers in-home support services and community nursing services through its specialist division HealthCare New Zealand. The Freedom Medical Alarm service can benefit your at-risk patients through the ability to respond quickly and professionally by trained medical triage specialists.

Post-accident support for patients is also available through HealthCare New Zealand if clients activate their alarms. They may require additional home support or community nursing services to avoid any admissions into secondary care.

Freedom clients that have services provided by HealthCare New Zealand also have the added benefit that their home support and/or nursing coordinators receive information on a daily basis regarding any alarm activations.

See How it Works for a brief description of how the Freedom Medical Alarm service operates.