Frequently Asked Questions

How does the alarm work?

The alarm consists of a base unit and a pendant. The base unit plugs into mains power, as well as the phone-line, or uses the cellular mobile network to send alarm signals. When the pendant is activated, it dials directly through to the Ambulance service. You will receive a phone call just to make sure the pendant wasn't pushed by mistake, but if there is no reply an ambulance will be dispatched immediately. See a full explanation on how the Freedom Medical Alarm works.

Where does my alarm work?

The alarm will work anywhere in your house and on your property and uses either a traditional phone line or the mobile cellular network. At the time of installation, one of our service consultants will check and test the pendant to make sure it works at your back fence or clothes line and to your front gate.

How much will the alarm cost?

The private rental for the Medical Alarm is $19.95 per week. This includes installation, the lease of the equipment and the monitoring and maintenance of the alarm. We prefer our clients to pay fortnightly by direct debit but other payment options are available.

Can I get assistance from Work and Income for my medical alarm?

Freedom Medical Alarms is one of four Work and Income New Zealand accredited suppliers therefore if you qualify for support, our medical alarms can be funded through the Disability Allowance. For more information about assistance from Work and Income New Zealand you can phone 0800 559 009.

Who do you contact when my alarm is activated?

If you are transported to hospital, your nominated contact person(s) will be phoned to let them know of your condition and location.

What happens if I go into hospital or away on holiday?

If you go away, we appreciate a phone call to let us know, so we can put a note on your file. If you are unsure when you will be returning it is handy if you can give us a call when you return.

Is my pendant waterproof?

Your pendant is fully waterproof in both hot and cold water and we encourage clients to wear them when bathing or showering as this is often when slip/fall events occur.

How will the paramedics get to me if the door is locked?

There are two options for keys. The most preferred method is to have a key safe installed, or hide a key on your property and instructions on how to find your key will be kept confidentially on your electronic file. These instructions are kept completely confidential and will be given to the paramedic responding to your call.

Can I still use the internet while the alarm is connected?

If you have a computer and use the internet the alarm will not be affected. You can be using the internet and activate your alarm and it will still dial through to the ambulance service.

What happens if the battery runs flat?

The batteries in the pendant are designed to last for about two years. When they begin to run flat a signal is sent to us and we send out a service consultant to change the battery. The base unit has the added assurance of a back-up battery in case of mains power failure.

How do I know my alarm is working?

The alarm unit tests itself automatically every 24 hours. You will not hear anything. The alarm dials through a test to our monitoring centre and if there are any problems we will be in touch in the morning. Your pendant is tested every 175 days. You will be phoned and asked to perform a self-test, to ensure you remain familiar with its operation.

What happens if I lose my pendant or something breaks?

You can simply give us a call and let us know. A service consultant will then be in touch to arrange a time to come and replace your pendant free of charge.

Do I get charged for an ambulance call out?

In the Wellington region there is no charge for ambulance call outs. In other regions, if you do receive an ambulance bill from St John simply send it to us and we will arrange prompt payment for you.

Can someone else living in the same house also have a pendant?

Yes, there is no extra charge as the pendant runs off of the same base unit.

Does Freedom Medical Alarms charge in advance or in arrears?

Freedom charges in advance for manual invoices and in arrears for direct debit payments.