Benefits of a Freedom Medical Alarm

The Freedom Medical Alarm service provides the following unique service benefits:

  • direct connection to medical emergency triage specialists, so clients receive the right help in the right timeframe. 
  • Any ambulance charges resulting from the use of a Freedom Medical Alarm are included free of charge as part of our service.
  • The option to install a key safe at your home, which enables quick access for paramedics in an emergency.
  • Connection to specialist community health services via HealthcareNZ Limited, who can provide post-accident support if required.

By having a direct connection to an emergency ambulance service, a response to a Freedom Medical Alarm removes the need to transfer important information such as your address details, medical history, and key information to enable the paramedic’s quick access into your home. All of your primary data is accessible to the emergency communications staff at the time of the activation and through the medical emergency triage process the client's current status can be determined. This means a faster response, better tailored to your needs.

By Colin McDiarmid 2104

 “I think the Freedom Medical Alarm is wonderful. It gives me more confidence in living alone.  My children think it is wonderful too”

Mrs Thompson, Waikanae


As an additional support method, the Freedom Medical Alarm service offers you the option of installing a key safe, making it easier for paramedics to access your property at the time of a medical emergency. This removes the need to relay complicated details of how to find a key that is hidden somewhere, which can create undue delay.

Freedom Medical Alarms is partly owned by HealthcareNZ Limited, which delivers in-home support services through its specialist division HealthCare New Zealand. If you’re also a client of HealthCare New Zealand, triggering an alarm will enable a report with the HealthCare New Zealand coordination staff. This information is used to identify patterns of behaviour (e.g. regular falling episodes), provides indicators for reassessment and/or additional support, and identifies clients who have been transported.

If you’ve been transported, the HealthCare New Zealand coordinator can request discharge information and ensure that your support services match your needs and are re-activated in a timely manner upon your return home.

 By Colin McDiarmid 2136