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Knowing that expert medical attention is never far away if needed gives people the confidence they need to live life the way they want to. That's what the Freedom Medical Alarm service offers; the security of knowing you're safe, medically and personally, in your own home.

Security & Comfort

By having a direct connection to the ambulance service, a response to a Freedom Medical Alarm removes the need to transfer important client information such as the client's address details, medical history, access information, and client status at the time of the incident.

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Rapid Response

With Freedom Medical Alarms, help is just a touch of a button away. In the event of an alarm activation we make sure everything is taken care of, both at the time and afterwards. We then notify all relevant parties such as your family and/or health care provider.

How does it work?

Who Are We?

Freedom Medical Alarms is a jointly owned business between Healthcare of New Zealand Holdings Limited (HHL Group) and Wellington Free Ambulance. Established over 25 years ago, HHL Group is proud to work alongside over 18,000 New Zealanders o help them achieve greater independence and a better quality of life.

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Freedom Medical Alarms are available as both a wrist band, or a pendant that can be worn around the neck. A base unit plugs directly into a standard telephone line, or connects to the mobile cellular network to transmit data including the alarm number and activation codes.

The equipment can over-ride a single engaged phone line and is smart enough to know when multiple activations occur in a short period. For safety, the alarm unit will only transmit one alert so the phone line is free to take an inbound call from the ambulance communications staff.

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54 seconds

Average Response Time to alarm activation

for the period 1/9/2013 - 30/08/2014


Freedom Medical Alarm users safely transported to Hospital in 2014


Freedom Medical Alarm users quickly treated in their home in 2014


Freedom Medical Alarm genuine activations in 2014

The Freedom Medical Alarm service is proudly associated with the Wellington Free Ambulance and Healthcare of New Zealand Holdings Limited

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